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Being a successful,multi-passionate Entrepreneur has included drilling down to my deepest heart’s desires and talents and identifying what I really wanted to DO in the world.  Passion, Creativity and High Energy are my Super Powers and I apply them to whatever arena that I am working in.

In my life, I straddle two worlds – one that is focused on Business Strategy, Social Media, and Online Marketing and one that delves deeply into Spirituality, the Divine Feminine and Women’s Empowerment. My days are filled with business development, words, course and content creation, tweets, photos, recipe ideas and Goddesses. And it works. After leaving a corporate environment in early 2009, I have created a business and professional world that nourishes and supports me. Now, I want to do that for others.

Shakti is the female principle of divine energy and the power of Shakti is the creative source of the universe.  All women have transformative, innate Shakti energy within them that is waiting to be tapped.  My Mission is to kindle the remembrance and union of Shakti energy and the Divine Feminine in women’s lives for empowerment, purpose, and the pursuit of bliss.   

By connecting women to their own inner Shakti and sharing EveryDay Sacred tools and practices, I facilitate holy space for women to come into alignment with their passions; unite with the holy feminine wellspring within; renew their creative fire, personally, spiritually, and professionally; and map a path of success and fulfillment.  The goal is Sacred Living everyday in every aspect of life.

Shakti Womyn Renew Your Creative Fire Round


Renew your creative power today and fall in love with your business again!



SW EveryDay Sacred Tools and Practices


Make it ALL Holy. Step onto the path of the EveryDay Sacred with tools and practices for your spirit and life.




Shakti Womyn Goddess Card Readings

Goddess is calling. Are you listening? Goddess Card Readings are part intuition, part Goddess cards, and lots of Goddess energy.  I bring my 20+ years of experience as a reader and Priestess of Goddess to the table.  You bring your questions and energy.  Together, we invite Goddess into the sacred space that we create and allow the messages to flow.