Who is Shakti the Goddess?

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Shakti the Goddess is Force, Power, Energy, Active, Dynamic, Feminine, God, Mother, Devi, Sacred, Protector, Punisher, Curer, Creation, Source, Good, Balance, Universal, Preserver, Divine, Desire, Kundalini, Complete, Embodiment, Supreme, One without a second, Manifest, Unmanifest, Daughter, Transcendent, the Ultimate Reality, the Power Pole of the Divine, Cosmic, Great, Life-Giving, Awakener, Grace-Bestowing, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Light Immersion, Expression, the Dissolver, Vital, Pure, Absolute, Primordial, the Transformer, Heat, Light, Real Wisdom, Genesis, the Animator, Mantra, Essential, Wife, Queen, Destroyer, the Void, Most Glorious….Shakti is ALL.

Shakti is my Shake Rattle and Roll Energy – my font of Creativity – and the All Mother.

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This is the Shakti Altar in my home …

Kimberly Shakti Altar MotherHouse of the Goddess