Visioning 2017 – Power Words, Vision Boards, and Creating a Year of Power and Purpose

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Visioning a new year is a process for me and an annual ritual that delights and infuses me. It is a journey that encompasses sacred and material word considerations. And it is the foundation from which I launch into the New Year, as well as a touchstone that reminds and renews me throughout the year.  

A new journal is collected … I lay out my colored pens … create a mini altar … a stack of magazines is ready to be snipped and pasted … I turn on the music and whooshhhh … Visioning 2017 begins.

Starting the new year with power and purpose is an important part of my spiritual and my business practice. I start thinking about it in November and begin to gather the items that are speaking to me for the upcoming change of the year. 

Little bits of magic … a new planner … a sacred journal … colors and palettes that invite the change that I want to embody … words aligned with feelings.

Here are the areas that I focus on to begin Visioning 2017, some of which are covered in detail in Nourished Winter as part of your New Year bonus!

How do you want to feel? This is the essence of the process in The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Instead of setting goals or focusing on things, we identify how we want to feel in the upcoming year. Use the “core desired feelings” to manifest, clarify, revolutionize!

Golden – Shakti – Radical Bliss – Made Manifest are the feelings that guide me, light me up, and combine my devotional and professional worlds. Think on this – where is the place of creation in your soul?  How does it feel?  Allow the worlds to dance from the seat of your soul.

I have included a practice in Visioning 2017 which is included for free in Nourished Winter to walk you through identifying your own Core Desired Feelings. You can also get The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and I also recommend the Desire Map Workbook.

Choosing a Power Word for your year. I also like to choose a specific power word for each year. Sometimes it is a word from my Core Desired Feelings and sometimes it is the fruit (so to speak) of them. I always frame it in the same way, though, asking myself how I want to feel powerful in the upcoming year. This year (2017), my word is Nourished. Here is an excerpt from my post on Shakti Womyn:

Nourished is my kitchen, my Hungry Goddess creations, gathering around great food. It is reconnecting with extended family and sharing stories with them about those who have passed and bringing our loved ones back to life for my son and nephew. Walking the land here, hugging trees, chasing birds with my camera, and sitting silence with Nature. Nourished is creating a sanctuary of bliss in my home in every room and curling up in a nest of sherpa blankets wrapped in my deliciously soft sweater with the kitties. It is Goddess altars everywhere and the fierce devotion of my spirituality. Cups of hot drinks and books. On a soul level, Nourished is lighting a fire in my new fire pit out back and cackling late into the night with my heart and soul sisters. Nourished is allowing the creations of my spirit and Shakti to come into manifestation. It is choosing foods that support my body and health and keeping “normal” office hours. Nourished is walking away from the computer and taking real time off. Nourished is everything that truly supports me in mind, body, and spirit.

If the process for choosing several words feels overwhelming, then go for the power word. Make lists, drill down, find the essence of how you want to make magic in 2017!

My world is very Goddess-centric and another favorite annual practice is the Goddess Wheel of the Year readingI choose 13 Mamas of the Divine – one for each month and one for the year overall. Friends and clients love these readings as well.

My Overall Goddess for 2017 is the Norse Goddess Hel, who syncretizes to Ma Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Karma, Time, Transformation, and Liberation. This year, combined with my other Goddesses, the themes of balance were intensely present. My big move back to the northeast this past summer has also confirmed the need for better life and work balance and my commitment to being out and about more often.  

Each month, I explore further messages from the Goddess guiding each month and stay open to divine synchronicity.  Goddess – God – Our Guides are always speaking to us – are we listening?

Mantras are another divine garland that weaves throughout my New Year ritual. Each year, I pick a new core mantra to work with over the entire year. This mantra becomes the foundation of my upcoming mantra practice and I like for it to be in alignment with my power word and core desired feelings. 

For 2017, I have chosen the Gayatri Mantra:

Om bhur bhuvaha svaha

Tat savitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Praise to the source of all things. It is due to you that we attain true happiness on the planes of earth, astral, causal. It is due to your transcendent nature that you are worthy of being worshipped and adored. Ignite us with your all pervading light.

The Gayatri Mantra is one of balance, purification, and healing. The Goddess Gayatri is the Mother of all scriptures (Vedas). “She is present, wherever Her name is chanted. She is very powerful. The One who nourishes the individual being is Gayatri. She bestows pure thoughts on anyone who worships Her. She is the embodiment of all Goddesses. Our very breath is Gayatri, our faith in existence is Gayatri.” (Sathya Sai)

As I fill the beginning pages of my new journal, I write quotes, intentions and whatever else inspires me.  I look for phrases, words, clippings, pictures, and quotes that embody/include my power word, my core desired feelings. I always know when my power word of the year is “correct”, because I find things so synchronistically!

The next step is the Vision Board, art journal pages, some kind of sacred manifestation of all these divine pieces that I am consciously incorporating into my New Year. On New Year’s Eve, I break out sacred snacks (like drunken goat cheese and black truffle salami) and spread my journal, planner, books, and clippings all around me. As midnight chimes, I am making manifest the magic that I seek for 2017!

To receive all of the Visioning 2017 prompts and practices, sign up for my FREE offering, Nourished Winter.

Please share how your Visioning is manifesting! 

This process can also be used anytime throughout the year as a “reset” for times of growth, evolution, or revolution!

Blessings to you for this New Year and may it bring you all that you wish and deserve! 

xoxo Kimberly


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