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Social Media Shakti

Creativity, Passion and High Energy are my Super Powers and building empires of radical bliss is my life focus.  Professionally, I create business strategies and social media marketing plans for companies, manage online presences for brands, and develop recipes for food brands. Social Media and Word-of-Mouth Marketing are my specialties, and I have carved extensive niche audiences in Food, Wellness, Spirituality, Women’s Spirituality, and Women’s Lifestyle.

Running a successful Social Media business for over five years has given me a deep and abiding love for Social Media.  I love to tweet, pin my way through an afternoon, craft content that is SEO and topic-rich, and blast all of it out through well-developed networks. I also LOVE to teach busy entrepreneurs time management and social media platform focus.

The best part?  I love Social Media so my clients don’t have to.  You get to focus on what brings you joy and let me unleash my Social Media Shakti on your behalf.

I believe:

Business should be fun and full of passion, energy, and fresh ideas.  Collaboration, a mindset of abundance and lots of laughter foster imagination and ingenuity, and turns into real ROI.

Engaged businesses are successful businesses.  Connecting to customers in a human way gives depth and warmth to your brand and products.  Social Media and Connected Content stimulate your customers to return again and again, just to see (and share) what you are up to.

Inspiration is not an amorphous concept but a call to action.  Highlighting your services and products with inspirational content encourages customers to say “YES!” and “More, Please.”

Empowerment is the answer for many solopreneurs and small businesses.  By demystifying social media, sharing my knowledge and expertise, and helping you create your own  “I can do it” mindset, I give you invaluable tools to expand the ways you think about and engage in business.

The best way to a customer’s heart is through their Twitter feed. Or Pinterest.  Or Facebook.  Or Google+.  Or Flickr.  Or Instagram.  Or an Online Course or Event. You get the picture.

Are you ready for a FREE Social Media Consult?

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Social Media Shakti

Social Media Services we can discuss:

Social Media Campaigns and Online Events – Twitter Parties, Twitter Chats, Pinterest Parties, Contests, Giveaways, and Blogger Outreach Campaigns are just a few ways to heighten your brand exposure and gain new raving fans.

Social Media Management – (Three Month Minimum and you pick the platforms) – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, Blog.  **I am not currently taking on Social Media Management clients. Consultation and Strategy is available.

Social Media Consultation & Strategy – I assess your online presence, make recommendations, and train you and/or your team in best practices.

Online Course Set-up and Marketing Strategy – What do you have to share with the world? I help you transform an in-person workshop to an online course with global reach. And then we help you develop a marketing strategy.

Content Marketing – Website content, blog posts, white papers, articles, eBooks, recipe creation (including photography), recipe eCookbooks, online courses, product reviews, memes for Social Media platforms – there isn’t anything that a Social Media Shakti can’t cover for you.

Website/Blog Development – From a new website/blog to website refreshes, I want to make you fall in love with your website again and give you some virtual curb appeal!

Or let me know what is on your wish list for your business!



Where do I begin? Kimberly is brilliant and the most hard working person I know. She literally puts in 100 hrs a week, is completely dedicated and loyal to every client, and never misses a beat. When it comes to creating a strategy for your organization she is savvy and really does ‘think outside the box’. I worked with her in the most difficult industry (it was a non-profit). I was amazed by her ability to get results It is obvious that she enjoys her work and she is an absolute dream to work with. I plan to work with her again and again throughout my career. She is one of the first people I think of when building a team.  Victoria Wood at the More Group

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