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Shakti Womyn Beauty Bliss Organic Self Care NYR Organic

Beauty Bliss is Organic Self Care and the acknowledgement to our Selves that we deserve to feel beautiful.

Self Care is mandatory and part of Blissful Revolution.  In our busy lives, we must carve out time to take care of our bodies and an easy, natural beauty regimen is part of that.  By creating a self care process, we commit to inhabiting our bodies and recognizing our beauty.  

This is not beauty for others … this is for US.  Massaging organic, luscious balms into our skin; sinking into a steaming bath; and diffusing essential oils in our homes are all ways that we confirm to our inner Self that it is worth taking care of and that it is beautiful.  Since I work from home, maintaining that regimen can be a challenge but when I make the effort, acknowledge the need to feel cared for and beautiful, the experience never fails to delight me AND connect me in a loving way with my body.  

I am also highly conscious of the products that I use – I want them to be Mother Earth friendly and as free of chemicals as possible.  When I lived in London, I used to haunt the Neal’s Yard Remedis store in Camden and stock up on lotions and oils and soaps.  When I returned to the USA, I was approached to become a NYR Organic Consultant (the USA branch of Neal’s Yard Remedies) and having used and loved the products, I had to say YES!  

These products are from the highest quality sources, created in a sustainable eco-manufacturing facility and the mantra is: Say NO to being contaminated without consent.  You can read more about NYR Organic practices and commitment here

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