Shakti Blessings – Online Courses for the Shakti Goddesses

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Shakti Blessings Sacred Practice and Mini Activation Courses with Kimberly Moore Shakti WomynShakti is Force, Power, Energy, Active, Dynamic, Feminine, God, Mother, Devi, Sacred, Protector, Punisher, Curer, Creation, Source, Good, Balance, Universal, Preserver, Divine, Desire, Kundalini, Complete, Embodiment, Supreme, One without a second, Manifest, Unmanifest, Daughter, Transcendent, the Ultimate Reality, the Power Pole of the Divine, Cosmic, Great, Life-Giving, Awakener, Grace-Bestowing, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Light Immersion, Expression, the Dissolver, Vital, Pure, Absolute, Primordial, the Transformer, Heat, Light, Real Wisdom, Genesis, the Animator, Mantra, Essential, Wife, Queen, Destroyer, the Void, Most Glorious….Shakti is ALL.

shutterstock_259774268As the female principle of divine energy, the power of Shakti is the creative source of the universe. All women have transformative, innate Shakti energy within them that is waiting to be tapped. My Mission is to kindle the remembrance and union of Shakti energy and the Divine Feminine in women’s lives for empowerment, purpose, and the pursuit of bliss.

By connecting women to their own inner Shakti and sharing EveryDay Sacred tools and practices, I am honored to facilitate holy space for women to come into alignment with their passions; unite and create with our wild feminine wellspring within; renew their creative fire, personally, spiritually, and professionally; and map a path of success and fulfillment.  Together, we walk the path of the Sacred Woman, confident and present to the divine source of our beingness.

The Shakti Blessings are a series of online courses on the multiple manifestations of Shakti. These courses are focused on the Shakti Goddesses that are part of my personal, daily practice and include (or will include): Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Lalita, Green Tara, and Kwan Yin. And Ganesha too!

The Shakti Blessings Activation Courses are introductions to each of the Shakti Goddesses. Some are open access courses, some are journeys or sadhanas. I honored how each Shakti wanted to be presented. Included within all the courses are Goddess myth; applications for the modern, sacred woman; sacred practices; and resources to continue your connection and exploration.

As each new course opens, it will be listed below! Jai MAA!



Saraswati Sadhana – opens 2/1/17

In this evocative 40 day Saraswati Sadhana (a sadhana is a spiritual practice undertaken with a goal), we will explore the myths, mantras, and practices of Saraswati, as well as the manifestation of Wisdom, Creativity, and Truth within the essence of our Selves and our everyday lives. Each day for 40 days, we will unfold the magic of Saraswati through prompts, practices, prayers, mantras, recipes, and creative activities. This course begins on February 1, 2017 which is also Vasant Panchami, the Hindu Festival of Saraswati Puja! Read more


Lakshmi Blessings – join the course

This Shakti Blessings course is focused on Lakshmi, the Hindu Shakti Goddess of abundance, sustenance, wealth, beauty, vitality, good fortune, and radiance.To honor Lakshmi and the Shakti Blessings that She brings to our lives is to honor the value of everything that we receive spiritually and materially. Through Her, we embrace the yearnings of our heart and the desire to experience the world in absolute love. The intoxicating bliss of Lakshmi is singing us home to the blessings that are waiting in the lotus hearts of our souls. Read More


Kwan Yin – Exploring and Becoming the Goddess of Compassion

In seeking Kwan Yin, we work with the guidance of Sandy Boucher, the prominent Buddhist teacher and author of nine published books, and Kimberly Moore, a Priestess of Goddess Spirituality. The result is a journey that enlightens, expands, and activates the experience of the Goddess Kwan Yin from multiple paths of worship.

Activate the Goddess Kwan Yin through her myth, mantras, and meditation. Compassion, gratitude, and kindness are the hallmarks of Kwan Yin, and we dive into these concepts through activities, meditation, and prompts. Her many faces and the expanse of her worship are explored, including her reflection in Mother Mary, the Goddesses Tara and Maria Kannon, and the Orisha Goddess Oshun.

Included within the course are opportunities to seek Kwan Yin through music, art activities, and nature. There is an active forum and participants may share inspiration, journal reflections, and results of their newfound connection with the Divine Feminine. The course is self study, meaning you may complete it at your own pace, and is moderated by Sandy and Kimberly. Both are available for questions and guidance.

The Goddess Kwan Yin is waiting to be revealed in your heart. Will you join us? Read more








Sovereign Queen Praise Hymn of the Goddess Rig Veda Shakti Blessings