Renew Your Creative Fire – Shakti Powered Entrepreneur Coaching

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Renew Your Creative Fire

Being a successful,multi-passionate Entrepreneur has included drilling down to my deepest heart’s desires and talents and identifying what I really wanted to DO in the world.  Passion, Creativity and High Energy are my Super Powers and I apply them to whatever arena that I am working in.

Entrepreneurs (to include Solopreneurs and Small Business owners) carry a huge burden in today’s market.  They have to don a super hero cape and about ten hats every morning just to get the day to day business done.  It can be overwhelming and hard to see the forest for the trees.  Add the pressure of owner-driven marketing, budget constraints, and the need for strategic development and entrepreneurs are left wondering what they missed and why there aren’t enough hours in the day.

In my life, I straddle two worlds – one that is focused on Business Strategy, Social Media, and Online Marketing and one that delves deeply into Spirituality, the Divine Feminine and Women’s Empowerment.  My days are filled with business development, words, course and content creation, tweets, photos, recipe ideas and Goddesses. And it works. After leaving a corporate environment in early 2009, I have created a business and professional world that nourishes and supports me.

Shakti EntrepreneurNow, I want to do that for others.  One of my other super powers is that  I am a Creative Catalyst and Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than meeting with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners seeking guidance, unveiling what makes them passionate, and activating their Shakti.  Then, my Shakti arms start moving and we apply that energy to guiding them into creating the life and business that they crave – the life and business that supports and nourishes them.

Are you ready to step into your power?

Collaborating with me is especially effective for spirit-based and heart-centered entrepreneurs, authors, healers, and solopreneurs looking to clarify, laser-focus, and expand their online presence. I work well with those who are ready to take a hard look (with gentle guidance) at what their personal and professional blocks may be. We work together to clear the blocks and create a strategic path forward to success.  Success can be defined as income generation, personal satisfaction, or attainment of professional and spiritual goals. The processes are not that different.

 Are you ready to feel dynamic and passionate?

You bring your issues, concerns, and goals to the table.  I bring 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience, plus my super powers of passion, creativity, marketing, and business analysis.  Recognizing that I am a catalyst for others has been a powerful and useful aspect of my personality to bring to the table in all aspects of my life.

Throughout the process, we will unveil your Shakti powers and cover some core topics in business:

  • Constructive critical analysis of your online presence and social media
  • Website creation and organization
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Online Course Creation
  • Social Media without cringing
  • Effective product and book launches
  • How to sell, serve, AND succeed without feeling guilty
  • Where to shift energy so that you are open to receive what you are worth
  • How to move to the next level
  • Identifying and finding your tribe
  • Whatever is on your wish list for your business

The end result is YOU working in your business and feeling dynamic, empowered, and in control.

Are you ready to renew your creative fire and step into your power as a Shakti Entrepreneur? Social Media Shakti services are also available!

I offer several levels of Shakti Entrepreneur Coaching with an initial investment of $497.

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When it comes to creating an innovative way to market or brand yourself or a product, Kimberly is the person you want. She is able to see past your concept idea and create an environment that will help you succeed in your mission goals. She brings to the table things you never thought to consider. Her knowledge of the Social Media Marketing world, it’s various tools and capabilities is far beyond anyone’s knowledge – and she knows how to incorporate them in a way that you or your company can maximize them all with the stroke of a keyboard. I highly recommend her for anything you might need. As an author and producer, I’d rather spend my time being creative, therefore, I leave all the details to Kimberly and she takes care of them with a professional manner and quickness. She has given me the availability of time, which is very important to my work. I promise you will enjoy working with Kimberly and your results will far pass any of your expectations. She truly is a class act.  Elizabeth Kilbride – Author