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What is Organic Self Care?

Organic Self Care Collage 1Organic Self Care is a commitment to Wholistic Living – a balance of body, mind and spirit.

It is communion with the environment and nature that nurtures and supports us.

Organic Self Care is loving our Selves and taking mindful actions to reinforce our Self Love.

Standing in our WomanPower and acknowledging our WomanRoots is part of the Self Care journey.

Organic Self Care is applying our oxygen mask FIRST so that we can help others after.

It is nourishing our bodies through healthful foods that support energy, well-being, and physical health.

Organic Self Care is identifying “intelligent cravings” versus a chocolate doughnut.  And sometimes it is saying yes to the doughnut without guilt.

We release that which no longer serves us, is stagnant, or mindless busy energy in order to invigorate, renew, and invite a deeper communion with our Selves.

Organic Self Care is time for US.  Time to breathe, to be quiet, to hang with friends, sink into a tub of bubbles, or step away from the day to day for a few moments.

We acknowledge, connect and nurture our bodies through movement, organic and healthy food, and indulgent primping when we need it.

Organic Self Care is looking in the mirror and saying, “Hi, I love you.”

It is support of Self to Self.  Organic Self Care is the release of guilt, shame, the need for perfection and a journey towards Self Acceptance on all levels.

Organic Self Care is saying NO to others when we need to and YES to our Selves.

It is saying YES to US.

Organic Self Care is what feels GOOD and RIGHT.

It includes lots of other self-centric concepts like Self Love, Self Compassion, Self Help, Kind Self Talk, Self Comfort, and Self Satisfaction.

Organic Self Care is completely Self-ish.

Are you ready to say YES to Self Care?  Join the conversation.

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