My Interview on Cosmic Connections Radio with Louise Edington about the Goddess Hekate

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The Goddess Hekate Kimberly Moore Altar MotherHouse of the Goddess

One of my many Hekate statues

There is no arm-twisting involved when I am asked to talk about Goddess and especially a Goddess that has been an integral part of my life for over 18 years.  My dedication and acceptance of the Mantle of the Goddess Hekate as Her Priestess occurred on January 19, 1996.  I work with a lot of Goddess energies and while I refer to myself as a Priestess of the Goddess (as in Great Goddess), my relationship with Hekate is unique and personal.

Louise Edington is a friend and Evolutionary Astrologer who is undertaking her own adventure with the Goddess Hekate quite recently.  She invited me onto her weekly radio show, Cosmic Connections, to talk about the Hekate.

I invite you to tune in to the archive show for laughter, stories, mythology and our discussion of my Hekate Asteroid Reading which was so incredible and confirming.

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Louise offers the Hekate Asteroid Reading as well as an amazing group of other offerings.  Her daily astrology updates on Your Cosmic Blueprint Facebook Page are fantastic and will keep in the rhythm and flow of the planets and how they are affecting you.

Order the Hekate Asteroid Reading

Explore Louise’s Offerings

At the end of the show, I did a few one-card Goddess Readings and had SO much fun that I am going to do it again on June 7 on Goddess Alive Radio!  Tune in to get your free Goddess card reading!

For full Goddess Readings – Contact Me!

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