Goddess and Oracle Card Reading for Fall Equinox 2016 #DivineDaily

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Cards on my Autumn altar

Gratitude. As I sit on the eve of the Fall Equinox, I am simply flooded with gratitude. I am grateful to be back “home” in Delaware, for the family and friends that surround me, for my business that supports me, for the big and little frogs that sit with me on the porch every night, for the back roads that invite adventure on afternoons, for my home, and for the incredible sustenance from my guides, Orishas, and Goddess. I am so blessed and while this year has had some truly difficult personal moments (weeks, months), I am dancing into Autumn more grounded, more centered, more open … more balanced. Honoring my shadow and my light.

September is also my birthday month; I am an early Libra, the 27th of September. The messages of personal balance are strong right now. Due to the heat of Florida, I was quite literally trapped in the house for most months of the year. I have been outside more here in the past few weeks than in the past year and it is glorious. Balancing my work schedule with necessary outdoor time and down time is the commitment I am making to my self care for my solar return.

Now that the move is over and I am back to routine, I am renewing the Goddess and Oracle Card Readings for the moons and the quarters of the year. I set up my Autumn Equinox altar last night and this morning sat in meditation asking for a Fall message. The astrology is positive, the eclipses of September are behind us, and Mercury stationed direct yesterday. We can breathe a collective sigh of relief and begin to apply that positivity to our own forward movement.


The Goddess Isis stepped forward with great synchronicity – the message on the card reads “Balance Career and Home Life“. I had to laugh, since I just wrote the words above about balance last night. Divine confirmation works for me! Isis is a twin, so she truly symbolizes perfect balance with her dark sister, Nepthys. The Barque of the Day is commanded by Isis, while Nepthys steers the Night Barque. They have unique attributes and magick, yet they come together harmoniously … just like the Autumn Equinox where day and night, light and dark, are in perfect balance. The only other day of the year that this balance occurs is on Spring Equinox.

Your prompt/meditation for the Fall Equinox is about balance. Connect to the duality of Isis and Nepthys. How are you managing all the moving parts of your life? Are you in harmony or do you feel unbalanced? Does your career overwhelm your home life? Are you depleted at the end of the day? Have you given all of your energy away and have none left for your own dreams, intentions, creativity? Can you identify the light half of your world and the dark half? How can you bring all aspects of yourself together in the divine reflection of Isis and Nepthys?

White Shell Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

White Shell Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

Changing Woman represents our cycles, our holy transitions. Life is in a constant state of flux, but on Fall and Spring Equinox we are gifted with a moment of divine balance. In Navajo and Apache myth (the sources of Changing Woman), when she ages, Changing Woman walks toward the East to greet and merge with her maiden self and the cycle begins anew. In her we see the sacred shifts that mark our own passages through time. Changing Woman is also called Estsanatlehi, Painted Woman, White Shell Woman, and Turquoise Woman. Ritual and ceremony is still performed to her today through the Blessing Way ceremonies which honor young girl’s transitions to puberty and womanhood.

Prompts for Changing Woman on the Autumn Equinox (or anytime) are focused on your transitions. What is sacred and holy about your approach to transition? How do you honor passages and the cycles of your life and/or the girls and women in your life? The idea of your older self walking to greet your younger self is potent; what would you tell your younger self? Create a ceremony that blesses the changes that you are making this season.


Our Oracle Card for the Fall Equinox is Communication with an apropos depiction of raven from the Alchemist’s Oracle Deck. This card has personal synchronicity for me as well. In the backyard of my new home, their is a little flock of four ravens that are, quite frankly, some of the biggest ravens that I have ever seen. Every few days, they perch in the evergreen trees out back and chatter for hours. They also walk around the backyard and intimidate the cats. They are Autumn animal totems, speaking omens and bringing messages of mystery and prophecy.

Qualities of Raven medicine: intelligence, messages, magick, prophecy, mystery. These qualities reflect the mysteries of Autumn, also a time of magick and mystery. Messages from our ancestors and the thinning of the veils herald this time of year especially around Samhain/Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Raven brings autumnal magick – pay attention if you see them! How are you tuning into the natural world around you? What animal totems are showing up to bring you messages of the season?


Firefly photo by Jessica Lucia – Next Door Nature

Our animal totem card is Firefly from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck. I just have to say that one of my HUGEST JOYS in returning to the northeast was getting to see lightning bugs again! I had no idea that they did not exist in South Florida, so these gorgeous little fairy bugs lit me up inside out while I chased them all over the yard and tried to get a picture. I never got the picture but I did reconnect to their magic and laughed myself silly. And therein lies the wonder of Firefly magick. They are amazing, dancing little light sources that produce a big glow right around twilight. Shine on … the message could not be more clear!

Fall Equinox represents our entry into the “dark” half of the year, but this does not mean that you are without light. Not. At. All. In fact, your light is what illuminates your shadows and leads you through the inner realm journeys. Take notes from the fireflies and keep your own light burning, but also be ready to identify burnout and make the needed changes. The glory of these glowing bug butts is that it is all natural! They don’t try … they just shine!

Sync with the seasonal themes of balance, sacred shifts, messages, and light and dark to celebrate Fall Equinox. Your Soul Self is waiting and Goddess is there to support you!

Happy Autumn Equinox! Bring on the apple cider, pumpkin everything, hayrides, cool temps, and piles of leaves to jump in. I. Am. So. Ready. How about you?

xo Kimberly

Other Ways to Sync with the Season:

Seasonal Soul: 22 Days of Autumn is open again for the season!

Hekate – Between the Worlds in preparation for October and Samhain

Meeting the Dark Goddess – connect with the Initiators of the season

Persephone – Queen of Herself – we descend to rise, just like Persephone




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