Follow the Rainbow – February Astrology and the Goddess Iris

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January was a wash for me, so I am really declaring the New Moon at the end of January as my NEW New Year. Two bouts of flu sent me to bed for several weeks. I am calling it a detox and sending out mega-gratitude that I could work from bed. It was also a BIG lesson in honoring my power word for 2017 – Nourished. Staying down and allowing healing instead of pushing through was all about nourishing myself and my needs.

The arrival of February is a relief in many ways, especially since I am feeling better. I am looking forward to a Goddess filled month and celebrating wellness and self love under the guidance of my Goddess for the month – the Greek Goddess Iris!

“We colour the world,
Not with the darkness of our pasts,
But with the rainbow of our hope.”
― Jenim Dibie

The appearance of the Greek Goddess Iris as my Goddess of February is a wonderfully, powerful, positive omen. She is not the Goddess “of” the rainbow, she IS the rainbow. Her name means “rainbow”(iris) and “messenger” (eiris) and she brings messages directly from the Gods to all of us. She is pictured as a winged Goddess with gold wings, a herald’s rod, and a pitcher that contains water and/or the nectar of the Gods.

From an inner worlds perspective, Iris is not only the divine messenger, but the personification of the many-colored veils that are between our worlds and the other worlds, including the abodes of the Gods. Think of the part of the eye that is named for her, the iris, and the how we call eyes the windows to the soul. Iris serves a vital function as a communicator, a form of divine speech. She holds all possibilities, just as her rainbow holds all colors of the spectrum.

What messages does Iris bring? She offers us the opportunity to connect directly to Goddess, receive flashes of insight and AHA moments, as well as acknowledge confirmations and synchronicities. Pay attention to the big and little things. Goddess is always speaking to us, but we are not always listening (or trusting that what we hear is authentic). Iris removes the doubt by delivering her sacred love notes in obvious ways. I am especially be on the alert for rainbows, in the sky or references to them. Goddess has a great sense of humor and I find that Iris brings that in her missives as well. I am Following the Rainbow and open to receive the good that is coming my way!

Goddess crystals going into my mojo bag for Iris are rainbow hematite, opalite, and rainbow moonstone – they flash her spectrum.

I invite you to tap into the magical energy of Iris with me this month OR contact me for a Goddess Card Reading to find out your guiding Goddess!

Just a note – February is the Spring Eclipse month so stay on top of the astrology! I just had my eclipse astrology reading with Mary Lomando and I highly recommend it! Contact Mary here

What are your plans for February? 

xo Kimberly

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