Ganesha Hanging Out with Bliss Buddha and Krishna Shakti Womyn Altars Kimberly F Moore

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha – Chanting to Ganesha as the Remover of Obstacles #MantraMonday

Ganesha and I have a long and abiding relationship.  Put simply – I adore him.  The elephant-headed Hindu God has a habit of stealing hearts and inspiring lifelong devotion.  He is at once a wise and gentle confidant, a fierce protector, a bestower of breathtaking blessings, and he who removes obstacles.  Ganesha offers a delectable […] more more more »

Weekly Bliss Watching the Snow Utah Winter 2009

~ Weekly Bliss December 14 ~

  Have been doing some work to honor the Seasonal Soul driftings that have a mind of their own.  I have been moving books and altars and cleaning them instead of writing. Grazing instead of cooking.  Doing some lovely wild idling and laying about thinking about whatever comes up.  Staring out the window and forgetting the […] more more more »