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Welcome to Blissful Revolution Shakti Womyn

The Blissful Revolution is a call and a catalyst to create a life of RADICAL BLISS.

Bliss is the radical realignment of Soul to Self.

Blissful Revolution is Fireworks for the Soul and a Celebration of the Self.


Blissful Revolution is  a deep, intentional prayer and invitation to the Universe.  A confirmation of authenticity and commitment to Self Love.  A manifesto of worthiness.  A daring to be unhidden in your full Goddess Soul Self.

Bliss makes us zing, gives us goosebumps and is the revelation of your Wonder Woman, hula-hooping, giggle-snorting Self.  It can be silly, but the moment that the alignment occurs is an universally resounding epiphany and soulfully serious.  Therein lies the complexity of bliss and the pursuit of the elusive state of bliss.


Are you ready to stand in the Acceptance and Activation of Your BLISS and Creative Powers?  

Are you ready to take steps to Reclaim Your Self?


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Brave Bliss :: Starting the New Year with Daring Intention, Action and Joy – Opens 12/1/2014 & closes 1/31/2015.

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22 days to Bliss is a self-study course and you can undertake the journey anytime.  22 Days to Bliss will be $22 as of 12/1/2014.

It includes mindful questioning, journal prompts, blissful action plans and real world steps to take on your personal path to reclaiming your Self and achieving Bliss…


22 Days to Bliss eCourse is FREE on Shakti Womyn